Thursday, August 15, 2013

Never Lose Your Pet

Losing a pet must be the last thing that could ever happen to a pet owner. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent this from happening. Follow the tips below to make sure that you are on the right track and recover your lost pet before it's too late.

What's Your Name?

It is every pet owners responsibility to name their pets when they first get them. For a welcome gift, remember to buy them collars with tags. On the tags, put important information that could be vital to their recovery in case they go astray. Name and contact information must be there. Also be sure to update it regularly.

Technology Is Your Friend

Nowadays, technology has replaced the old ways of tracking a lost pet. GPS tracking devices are the way of the future. Some collars are now equipped with GPS transmitters that could easily pin point the location of your pet with one easy look on your locator or a call to your service provider.

Microchip implants on the other hand are cheaper and permanent. Virtually painless when the procedure is done, these devices are placed on the loose skin of a pet above his shoulder blades. It works by providing information of breed and contact information of owners when scanned on shelters or vet clinics. Microchips are more or less what usually tags are for. Some say they are the dog tags of the future.

Take The Train Less Traveled

Sometimes people forget how important training could be to a pet. Learning to do what is said is actually the first thing any pet should learn if you do not want them to get lost. When a pet is focused and trained, it will not wander off when told to stay. To a pet any moving object could be a distraction. When a pet is a well trained, you will have a greater chance of not losing them.

Pet Pictorials

In cases that you do lose your pets, posters will be your best friend. A good poster is only as good as the picture it has. Always keep a recent photo of your pet and use this to create effective posters. Any distinguishable marks on your pets will be very helpful. To you, your pet maybe one of a kind but to everyone else, he will just be another animal on a line.


Knowing that you have done everything to prevent this from happening is the first step of ensuring that you never lose your pets. Of course, no matter how cautious you are, sometimes you can never really prevent accidents from happening. An open window or door could easily cause a lost pet. But because you have your safety nets in place, the chances of recovery of your beloved companions will much greater. In the end there is only so much you can do to prevent these things from happening. But to a pet owners life constant alertness is required. When you have a pet, you have the responsibility to keep them safe. And to do that, you must at least follow one of these suggestions.

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