Thursday, August 15, 2013

Designer Pet Carriers - Luxury Is in the Eyes of the Beholder

As I scan the various web sites that advertise dog carriers for purchase, I keep asking myself this question over and over, "What really is the difference between a designer and a practical pet carrier." It all comes down to one basic question, "How do I define luxury?" or "What would be luxury to my dog?"

The term designer pet carrier is used very loosely in the retail world. One web site will call their $50 pet carrier luxurious and another may consider $500 to be the bottom of the barrel in luxury. We as consumers are programmed through commercialization to think of luxury as top of the line or designer labels. We are accustomed to pay the extra money for a named brand item - as we do when buying clothing, groceries or prescription medicines. But when it comes to pet products, "Does anyone really know who is a named brand or designer pet product manufacturer."

Most people try to find the best price on the internet (for everything) and this includes dog carriers and soft dog beds. The supplier's name is often given in the description of the product; however, the manufacturer may remain a mystery. Therefore, it comes down to the appearance of the pet carrier or soft dog bed as to whether you consider it to be a designer or practical brand. I find that anything that does not look like the common product is termed to be "designer" in the product description, which justifies your need to pay extra money. Keep in mind that price does not define luxury when it comes to pet carriers. There is absolutely no reason to try and keep up with the "Jones" when choosing such an important item for your dog.

The most important things to remember when choosing your pet carrier are size, comfort and safety. Only you know what your dog likes and does not like. Make sure that your pet will fit comfortably within the product you choose. Ultimately, the cost for your pet carrier is determined by size and safety features and not by whether it is identified as a practical or a designer pet carrier. Remember that "Luxury is in the Eyes of the Beholder" and that a happy, safe and comfortable companion makes all the difference.

Barry Kubala is the co-founder of Kubears Spectrum, LLC a small business established in 2008 with an online store at specializing in discounted pet products. Come visit our site... you'll be glad you did.

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