Thursday, August 15, 2013

Microchips on Pets - A Chip Trick

Have you ever lost a beloved dog or cat? If you answered yes to this question then you know the uncertain feeling it brings. The feeling that there's a good chance you may never see your lost pet ever again. Not to mention the stress it causes to both you and your lost pet. If you heard of microchips and thinking of implanting one on your beloved pets then here is what you need to know.

Although collars are the first aid of a lost pet, sometimes they are just not enough. They can easily be removed and sometimes are uncomfortable to wear. Microchips on the other hand are very good alternatives to your typical pet collar.

A microchip implant is a very small device - around the size of an uncooked rice - placed under the loose skin your pet, usually on their shoulder blades. This technology is based on a passive RIFD (Radio Frequency Identification). It is implanted by injecting it directly on your pet's skin. It is virtually painless and it's permanent. It works by providing contact information of owners when shelters and vets scan the implanted chip.

A lot of pet organization and vets nowadays recommend micro-chipping. It is said to be one of the most effective ways of recovering a pet. According to studies, the chances that a lost pet with a microchip implant will be reunited with its owner increases by 75%. And in the U.S. it is estimated that only 14% of lost pets are reunited with their owners.

If your pet came from a shelter, it is most likely that it has already a chip implant. What you need to do is to update it by calling the service provider, which your shelters can provide. If your pet still doesn't have a chip, shelters, vets and other pet welfare organizations can help you get one. A regular implant cost from $30 to $50, a cheap price to pay to recover a loved one. Remember to register your information after the procedure, to ensure that your pets can be safely recovered in case of a lost.

Technology is not only for humans, now even our pets can become high-tech. With this innovation, more and more lost pets are recovered each year. The stress of losing a beloved dog or cat can now be eliminated with microchip implants. The benefits are more than obvious. So if you're thinking of getting a pet, think about getting them implants. In a few years microchip implants will the collars of the future.

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