Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why Pet Insurance is So Important For Your Pets & Your Finances

A lot of families throughout the UK have a pet of some kind and whether you are a dog lover or a cat lover they need protecting. Both dogs and cats have tendencies to be mischievous and rummage around in places that can contain harmful objects and items that can be very dangerous to their health, and in the event of your pet coming down with a disease veterinary bills can be expensive. The last thing you need is to pay hundreds of pounds to have your pet seen to or operated on, especially in the difficult financial times we are currently in.

Without any kind of pet insurance in place you could really struggle by if you have to pay these bills yourself, yet for a small monthly fee you can give yourself peace of mind in the event of your pet falling ill or needing emergency surgery. Having pet insurance is an important factor if you own a pet, and most people treat their pets as part of the family.

So why should you take out pet insurance?

o Emergency visits to a vet cost around £300 on average

o Ongoing treatment for a pet without any insurance can be very expensive

o MRI scans can cost between £800 - £1,000

o X-Rays can cost between £100 - £150

o If you own a pedigree pet the veterinary bills are likely to be more expensive

Most pet insurance policies will let you tailor-make the cover you want on your pet so it's suited just for your requirements. This means you can take out anything you don't need and add anything you do need, saving you money and time.

Pet Guards Insurance from JLT is an established pet insurance company that has been providing quality cover for 30 years. If you need any advice or guidance on if you should get cover for your pet, or what type of cover you need then feel free to take a look on the Petguard pet insurance website to get a quote.

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